Weekend Values – August 15, 2010

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One of the best sources of ideas for possible investments is other value investors. If nothing else, an initial writeup and investment thesis is a good starting point for further research.

Here are a few potentially undervalued stocks picks from this past week:


Guest post: Seahawk Drilling Inc (NASDAQ:HAWK) and the Hacienda – Greenbackd has written several nice write-ups for HAWK (See here and here), an undervalued driller that is trading for less than the price of its assets. The stock was a spinoff from Pride International in 2009.

In this guest post, a tax lawyer explains some of the circumstances surrounding Seahawk’s tax disputes with the Mexican authorities. Tax situations can be a key catalyst for unlocking value in other investments, which makes the post an interesting read.


Qiao Xing Mobile Communication (NYSE: QXM)‎: Waiting for A Catalyst – QXM is a stock that has shown up on NCAV and NNWC screens for quite some time. I’ve looked at the stock several times myself, but never pulled the trigger.

ValueHuntr does a nice job of breaking down a range of liquidation values. If an activist investor or catalyst presents itself, the stock has the potential for excellent returns.


Is Mr. Market being too harsh on these stocks? – ShadowStock is a blog that always churns out a number of opportunities in the smallest of small stocks – nanocaps are a major focus. TIXC and NOOF are both detailed, with several other possible value plays.

NOOF is a stock is a current holding at Value Uncovered (see my posts on NOOF here and here). Insiders have started to aggressively buyback shares over the past week after the stock hit new lows, a good sign for prospects going forward.


Investment Analysis: Yukon Nevada Gold (YNGFF.PK) – This was actually a post from a week and a half ago over at Above Average Odds but I just came across it, and it was too interesting to pass up.

YNG is a turnaround story currently trading on the Pink Sheets. The gold miner has a long string of catalysts for the second half of 2010 and into 2011, and some analysts seem to be pick up the story as well.



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