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Posted January 13th, 2011. Filed under Investing Links

In addition to writing up my articles and analysis, I’ve tried to gather helpful tools and websites for other value investors. The Resources page has been one of the most popular sections of my blog.

While most of featured resources are free to use, I wanted to highlight one because, despite the nominal fee, it is one of the best values for other investors: the OSV Stock Valuation Spreadsheets.

Newly Updated

Jae from Old School Value recently released the 2011 version of his stock valuation spreadsheets.

For those who are unfamiliar, the package includes 3 components: a core valuation spreadsheet, a secondary financial statement analysis spreadsheet, and a stock watchlist tracker (brand new in the 2011 update).

Updates and enhancements – and there are many – are included with the package for the first year.

Value of Automation

With the entry of a single ticker, the spreadsheets pull in 10 years of financial data and run through a host of different valuation scenarios – DCF, EPV, NNWC, NCAV, etc. The inputs/variables can then be intelligently adjusted to determine the intrinsic value of a particular business.

Other common but time-consuming financial numbers such as the Piotroski score, Z-score, and Beneish M-score are calculated automatically as well.

In 30 seconds, it provides a quick glance into a stock’s financials to see if it’s worth a closer look, automating much of the tedious work of manually entering numbers for various calculations.

In the past two years, I’ve personally ran hundreds upon hundreds of stocks through these spreadsheets, saving untold hours.

While it will never replace digging through the SEC Edgar database, it does help determine what companies to focus on.


While there are certain capabilities I wish the spreadsheets included (support for OTCBB/Pinksheet stocks comes to mind), there are very few products that are capable of providing so much value at such a price point.

To fellow value investors, I think the risk/reward is pretty compelling!


I earn a referral fee if the spreadsheets are purchased through the links above. As a general rule, I only endorse products that I use (in this case, every single day!) If every one of my readers took advantage, it might even subsidize my next spreadsheet upgrade :)

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2 Responses so far

  1. Rocky says:


    I wanted to seecond your endorsement of Old School Values spreadsheets. I absolutley love them. Jae has built a fantastic product there. And the thing that I like most about them is the personal service that Jae offers if your unable to get them working. I hope anyone reading this post will purchase them. It will only help to save you time and increase your understanding of value investing.



  2. Jae Jun says:

    Thanks for the positive review Adam and the positive recommendation.

    Always a pleasure to help value investors. The objective is to continually improve it for my own use but it makes it easier with feedback now.

    I have a vague idea of how to get it for OTC stocks but I’m going to have to invest some cash into a good programmer. Something I’ll definitely do though in the future.

    I have several more valuation techniques I need to analyze, dice up and then convert into an automatic method so there will be more good upgrades to come.

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