This week marks the one year anniversary of ValueUncovered.com!

Since launching back in May 2010, the blog has been visited over 50,000 times and now boasts 750+ RSS subscribers.

Even better than the anonymous statistics, I’ve also heard from a large number of readers via email, and these discussion with other value investors has been absolutely invaluable.

Looking back on some of my old posts,  I think my analysis has certainly evolved and hopefully improved, but I remain committed to many of the same core beliefs as to when I started – a focus on obscure, undervalued, micro-cap stocks and special situations.

Favorite Posts

Here are just a few of my favorite posts:

A Journey Through the Pink Sheets – 3,698 Stocks Later

Probably my most ambitious investing project to date, I went through every pink sheet stock one-by-one to narrow it down to a watch list of several hundred securities.

The post generated more emails and comments than any other, and I now have a great list of stocks to keep an eye on – stay tuned as I will probably be writing about many of them over the coming months.

Evolution of My Value Investment Philosophy – Part I

Evolution of My Value Investment Philosophy – Part 2

A two part series, this describes the evolution of my value investing philosophy, from dividends to FCF to CROIC to special situations and beyond. I’ve come a long way from 2007 – when I first started investing – I still cringe at some of the mistakes I made during that initial half year.

But after switching over to Zecco in early 2008, and really taking investing seriously, my investing strategy has evolved and the results along with it. There is always room to improve, but I am happy with the progress I’ve made since I started writing down my ideas last year.

Newly Expanded Value Investing Resources

One of the most popular pages on Value Uncovered, my resources page goes through the tools and resources I use to find many of the investing ideas posted on this site.

Hopefully the number of page views is proof that readers are getting significant value from the links provided – I have an update planned soon, so keep an eye on the resources page for new additions.

Thank You

Most of all, I want to thank all of my readers, commentors, and other value investors who have helped promote Value Uncovered. The support is great, and I would encourage others to join in on the conversation, whether by commenting on, sending in guest write-ups, or dropping me a line via email.

Hearing from other value investors and discussing ideas is one of my favorite parts of running the blog.

After 120+ posts, it’s still going strong.

Happy investing!

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4 Responses so far

  1. Nathan says:

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Just starting following your site recently and definitely stop by any time a new post pops up on the RSS feed. Keep up the good work and looking forward to what you have in store for the next year!

    • asues says:


      Thank you for the support. It’s amazing how fast one year can go by!

      I’m going to be very busy over the next 6 weeks, but hope to get back into a more regular posting routine ASAP.

  2. Jae Jun says:

    One year already? That flew by quickly. Congrats and enjoy your site and analysis.

  3. Ranajit says:

    Congrats on completing 1 year ! It’s always great to read your posts. Keep up the good work

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