Reviewing the Top Posts for Q1 2011

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Back in January, I reviewed the top 10 posts of 2010 as a way to look back on the most popular posts by page views.

Traffic is up since then, so I wanted to highlight a similar theme through the first quarter of the year.

1. A Journey Through the Pink Sheets – 3,698 Stocks Later

No surprise here, as my pink sheets diligence project was the most popular post in the past three months, a status confirmed by the number of comments and emails I received as well.

The project yielded a bunch of interesting names, but many are tiny and extremely illiquid.

I’ve been working to build new positions in several stocks over the past few months and hope to showcase some detailed analysis in the coming weeks.

2. Stock Research: 10-Year Historical Financial Statements

An experiment with Quora, the hot-new Q/A site, I discussed a few valuable resources for 10-year historical financial statements.

Lately, I’m putting more and more emphasis on the company’s long-term cash flow generation over an entire business cycle, so having an accurate source for long-term information is extremely helpful.

Much of this information can be pulled using a combination of OSV spreadsheets (note: affiliate link) and the SMF excel plug-in, but I’ve spent quite a bit of time manually gathering this information for the pink sheet stocks.

3. Evolution of My Value Investment Philosophy

I’m grouping this 2-part series together, as they were #3 and #4 on the list by page views.

A bit outside of my normal posts on the site, this series walked through the evolution of my value investment philosophy and how it had changed over the past several years.

I could probably write an update to this timeline every few months, as I’m continually learning – I try to incorporate bits and pieces of new investment wisdom when appropriate, but my core philosophy is likely stable.

As Warren Buffett said, value investing is something that fundamentally appeals to you – or it doesn’t.


I was surprised to see that the most popular posts for the quarter were all outside of the traditional ‘stock analysis’ type of articles.

I have been writing about many of the same stocks over the past several quarters. By nature, value investing can be boring, as I hope to hold my positions for a long time.

This patience doesn’t always translate well into the blogging medium, but I hope to provide some fresh new stocks and analysis over the coming weeks / months.

Stay tuned.

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